Selected archivements

Administrative Law

During his more than 35 years of professional career dedicated to teaching and research in Administrative Law, we can highlight the following achievements:

Promoter and coordinator of the International Doctoral Programme in Iberoamerican Administrative Law,

taught in ten American universities and the Spanish Universidad de A Coruña since the academic year 2013/2014. Currently, he is supervising the thesis of more twenty students.

Honorary Doctorate,

from the Universidad Hispanoamericana in Nicaragua (2009) and the Universidad Escuela Libre de Derecho in Costa Rica (2019). Furthermore, I am an honorary, visiting, guest and extraordinary lecturer in 13 other universities in nine Latinamerican countries.

President of the Iberoamerican Forum of Administrative Law,

leading scientific organisation in Latin America created in 2002 that brings together top-level researchers from 22 Latin American countries. Within this framework, I have run 17 annual international meetings and many other International Congresses held in parallel.

Member of international organisations,

already included in the CV, with special reference to the International Academy of Comparative Law, which entrusted me with the position of General Rapporteur of Administrative Law at its International Congress held in Austria (Vienna) in 2014. The results of said Congress are included in the book Recognition of foreign administrative acts, which is part of the editorial series on Ius comparatum – Global studies in Comparative Law by the prestigious publisher Springer.

Head of the Research Group “Global Public Law”

at the Universidad de A Coruña, Spain, made up of a consolidated team of researchers, including five university professors. Within its framework, I have been principal investigator of funded projects in demanding international and national competitive bidding processes. Due to their relationship with the proposal, particularly notable are the three granted by the Government of Spain on Good Administration (2010-2013/2014-2017/2021-2023).

Intense knowledge transfer activity,

with the creation and presidency of a spin-off in the Universidad de A Coruña: Ius Publicum InnovatioStrategic Public Law (IPI) in 2017. Within it, Director of the World Bank Project Bonne gouvernance dans le secteur minier comme facteur de croissance á la République Démocratique du Congo (PROMINES, 2018), awarded in a public bidding process.